Evo 2012 Live Broadcast Details. Multiple Streams, plus Optional HD PPV.

By on June 26, 2012 at 10:42 am
Evo 2012 Live Broadcast Details.  Multiple Streams, plus Optional HD PPV.

Last year an amazing 2.2 million people tuned in to to watch Evo 2011.  So in 2012 we’re working as hard as we can to bring you an incredible viewing experience.  Here’s what we’ve got in store.

Three High Quality Streams

Just like last year, we will run two streams 100% devoted to tournament action for all of the games at Evo.  This year we’re adding a third stream to broadcast all of the panels at Evo, along with some behind-the-scenes content produced by the great Richard Li and the amazing Cross Counter and Cross Counter Asia crews.  With this third stream we really want to give our live viewers a taste of what it’s like to be at Evo.

Custom Player

Watching three streams at once can be a pain, so with the help of the guys at Twitch.tv we’ve built our own custom player, with simultaneous viewing, multiple choices for stream layouts, and the full stream schedule. Check it out here!

HD PPV Option.  Great Stream Quality for a Great Cause

For the first time we will also offer a PPV option to view the gameplay streams in 720p.  This is 100% optional.  In 2012 the free stream will have same quality and even more content as our 2011 stream!  But for those who can afford it, the HD option is great way for viewers to support spirit of Evo and get a little something back in return.

Here’s the good part.  All of the PPV proceeds will go toward the formation of an annual $10,000 Evo college scholarship for gamers pursuing degrees in gaming and technology.  We believe strongly in the positive power of gaming, and want to help show that gaming can be a gateway to a fulfilling life-long profession, not just a fun pass-time.  We hope you feel the same and will choose the PPV option.  You can find out more about the scholarship here.

IPlayWinner X Team Spooky

Of course our stream will be produced by the hardest working guys in the fighting game scene, IPW and Team Spooky.  I’m thrilled to bring them back to once again produce the stream, and know they’ll do a fantastic job.