Introducing Evo 2012 Indie Showcase Title: Spy Party. Get Early Access to the Beta!

By on June 21, 2012 at 2:21 pm

For the first time this year, Evo will to showcase hot upcoming indie game titles. Today we’re announcing our first title, Spy Party, an asymmetric multiplayer espionage game. Lead designer Chris Hecker describes his motivation for coming to Evo.

When I was contacted about bringing my in-development indie game Spy Party to Evo 2012, I was unbelievably excited to get such an intensely competitive community playing it, but I was also more than a little nervous! My goal for SpyParty has always been to make an incredibly deep asymmetric player-skill competitive game, one that focuses on behavior, psychology, perception, and deception…but was the game ready to be dissected by super-hardcore fighting game players?

Then I was told that fighting game players aren’t just good at fighters–they’re good at games, and breaking down systems, period. They like games that involve psychology, competition, or are just insanely difficult. That sounds exactly like the people I want playing SpyParty!

So, I’m bringing three 1v1 setups for SpyParty to the Evo 2012 show floor, and we’ll maybe even try to get some internet play going so the folks at the top of the closed beta leaderboards can play people in the booth.

I’m super excited to bring the game to Evo  and see how you guys like it!

– Chris Hecker

Because of SpyParty’s unique gameplay and fairly steep learning curve, we are giving away 50 Early-Access Beta invites to EVO 2012 attendees! This is your chance to get some practice in before the show.

SpyParty is in a closed paid beta. There is a $15 charge, but for that you get all updates and the final game when it’s done.  Players awarded an invite still have to pay the $15, but will skip the 14,000 long line to get into the beta and start playing immediately.

Update: Due to an overwhelming response, we’ve finished taking applications for the beta.  Thanks for all who applied!

Here is some more information about Spy Party, if you would like to learn more.

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