Capcom’s Christian Svensson On Seth’s Departure and Capcom’s Continued Relationship With the Fighting Game Community

By on June 20, 2012 at 8:45 am

With the announcement that Seth Killian would be leaving Capcom at the end of this week, many longtime fans and players have expressed their worry that this would negatively affect Capcom’s relationship with the fighting game community. We addressed these fears via a post on their “Ask-Capcom” section on Capcom-Unity, and this is what Capcom Senior VP Christian Svensson (otherwise known as Sven) had to say:

Suffice to say, there are many people who work with the FGC within Capcom, not just Seth (though he was the person who provided the entre and was by miles the most visible and vocal). We also are continuing to discuss how we continue to keep channels of communications as open as Seth has… but I have nothing to report in terms of details at this time.

Also, Seth is still in the FGC… and we still have a relationship with Seth of course.

<3 Seth

So, while nothing concrete has been announced, Sven’s response indicates that Capcom is still committed to keeping the channels of communication with the FGC as open as Seth has.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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