Team Ninja Have No Plans to Sell Additional Characters, Feel Downloadable Content Makes Fighting Games Unfair

By on June 19, 2012 at 6:53 pm

In a recent interview with VideoGamer, Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi made it incredibly clear that they have no plans to sell additional characters as downloadable content for Dead or Alive 5. He says adding more characters can make the game unfair and dramatically shift the balance, a key component of fighting games that’s already difficult to achieve.

“We don’t feel that it’s right for fighting games,” Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi told VideoGamer when asked for his opinion on on-disc DLC during E3.

“We feel like this is a kind of sport, and you don’t change the rules for sports. Everybody plays by the same rules. You don’t have a 14-player soccer game versus an 11-player soccer game. That’s just not fair.”

“It’s a similar thing to if certain people have all these characters and others don’t. It makes it an unfair game, and we don’t think that’s the right way to go for fighting games.”

Combined with a similar promise from Namco Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada, it would seem these companies have taken note of the backlash against Capcom’s DLC implementation and wish to distance themselves from the practice. The excerpt above is only a small part of the entire article, so be sure to head to VideoGamer and check out the whole thing.

Source: VideoGamer via iPlayWinner