Wakeup SRK with Keits and skisonic Streaming Live – The State of UMvC3 with Viscant

By on June 12, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Another week, another Tuesday night full of great fighting game community programming. Keits and skisonic are set to start your night off right with Wakeup SRK. They’ll be covering all the important news, highlights, and tournament results you may have missed in the past week before moving onto the main part of the show with Viscant. They’ll be discussing the current state of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so be sure to tune in live below or head on over to Twitch TV to join the chat.

Also, tweets containing the hashtag #WSRK have a chance of being featured on the show, but remember to keep it classy!

Watch live video from Keits Stream and WakeupSRK Live on www.twitch.tv

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  • aesd124

    Lampard offered Captain Job by England

    Famous Agen Bola indo11.com mentioned, According to Roy Hodgson, Frank Lampard will captain England in Wednesday’s friendly with Ecuador. England will be drawn in Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica in Group D.
    With Captain Position Lampard is delighted to be offered the job. He said: “I’m very proud as always and happy to be captain and the responsibilities that come with it.”
    Hodgson plans to change in his team without talking in detail about those changes. Hodgson said: “There will be changes in the team. I can’t speak in detail about them because we are still to go through our team meeting, where we discuss what we expect from Ecuador, and at that time I may tell the team.”

  • wasignton124

    Lampard thinking of possible move to MLS

    Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has revealed his intention to move to MLS following the departure from Chelsea. His decision comes when the club didn’t extend his contract.
    Lampard: “The American thing is an option. I’m looking at different options but I want to carry on playing.” As highlighted by Agen Bola indo11.com
    Lampard will not make any decision to move to other clubs until the end of world cup event in which his nation will face Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica in Group D.
    He added: “I’d like to get it sorted soon – not in World Cup time, but after that. I’m not sure it’s possible to do now. I’m a big enough boy to get on and concentrate fully on this World Cup with England.”

  • quess124

    Mourinho wants Schwarzer to stay with Chelsea

    Trustworthy Agen Bola Indo11.com revealed, According to goalkeeper Courtois, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is “very keen” for Australian Mark Schwarzer to stay at Stamford Bridge. It is expected that Thibaut Courtois will return to Chelsea in the close-season, leading to doubts about Schwarzer’s future.
    Schwarzer said: “I’ve had messages from the boss, he’s very keen for me to re-sign with the club. And that’s all I really need to know, that he wants to keep me at the club and I’ll leave the rest up to the powers-that-be to sort it all out. I’m confident it’ll be sorted out in the next week or two.”
    He added: “I still want to stay in Europe as long as possible. If I have the chance to stay at a club like Chelsea, I’d love to do so because it’s an unbelievable experience.”

  • quess124

    Jason Kidd Beri Alasan Hengkang dari Nets

    Agen Bola Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Sekian lama mengunci mulutnya rapat-rapat, Jason Kidd akhirnya berbicara soal kepergiannya dari Brooklyn Nets menuju Milwaukee Bucks di musim ini.

    Kidd menuturkan bahwa dirinya pernah menghampiri pemilik Nets menuntut posisi yang lebih tinggi di tim. Hal ini dilakukan untuk meminta dukungan GM Billy King, saat dirinya mulai terpojok ketika gagal membawa tim tersingkir di babak playoff.

    Ketika permintaannya ditolak, pelatih berkepala plontos ini mendapat izin untuk melakukan pembicaraan dengan Bucks. Singkat kata, Kidd akhirnya mencapai kata sepakat dan Bucks akhirnya memberikan kontrak selama tiga tahun. Seketika, pelatih berusia 41 tahun ini mendapat cibiran dari penggemar Nets.

    “Saya pikir setelah karir saya berakhir di Nets, maka saya harus mengambil keputusan untuk melakukan pembicaraan dengan Milwaukee. Terus terang, saya tidak tahu tentang rumor yang ramai dibicarakan di luar. Namun begitu, yang harus kalian catat bahwa mereka sebenarnya ingin memecat saya pada Desember lalu. Itulah yang membuat saya mengambil keputusan,” kata Kidd.

    Kidd mengklaim bahwa kepergiannya dari Nets bukan terkait permintaannya ditolak oleh tim. Dia pun membantah anggapan tentang dukungan yang ramai dibicarakan tersebut.

  • wasignton124

    Hulkenberg Dapat Kontrak Baru dari Force India

    Agen Bola Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Nico Hulkenberg tak perlu pusing untuk mencari tim baru pada musim depan. Pasalnya, Force India bersedia memperpanjang kontrak pilot jet darat berkebangsaan Jerman tersebut. Kabar menggembirakan itu disampaikan langsung oleh bos Force India, Vijay Mallya.

    “Semua orang di tim ini senang melihat Nico tetap menjadi pembalap Sahara Force India musim depan,” katanya.

    Penampilan Hulkenberg di musim ini memang tidak begitu cemerlang. Dari 16 balapan terakhir, pembalap berusia 27 tahun itu belum pernah sekali pun merasakan berdiri di podium.

    Pencapaian terbaiknya bersama Force India sewaktu tampil di Malaysia, Bahrain, Monaco, dan Canada. Di mana dia berhasil menempati posisi kelima dan secara keseluruhan dia sudah mengoleksi 87 poin dan menempatkannya di peringkat kedelapan.

    Meski begitu, Mallya tetap memiliki kepercayaan diri yang tinggi terhadap Hulkenberg. Terutama melihat komitmennya terhadap tim asal India ini.

  • aesd124

    Chicago Keeper Johnson Targets Regular Spot in USA Team

    Chicago Fire shot-stopper Sean Johnson has set his sights on nailing down a regular place in Juergen Klinsmann’s US squad after winning a call to take on Ecuador and Honduras just days ago.
    “Just getting back in the group was good; good to be around the boys again, be around the coaching staff,” Johnson said, as quoted by reliable Agen Bola indo11.com.
    “It’s always great to get called up and represent your country, and for me it’s just getting in that environment, working hard and trying to break through.”
    “It’s a position where there are a lot of good players, but I believe in myself, believe in my ability, so I’m going to keep pushing to break through and really cement myself in the national team.”