Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Viscant’s Team Tier List Part 1

By on May 30, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Seth Killian recently issued a challenge to the community to come up with an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tier list based on teams rather than single characters. This is quite an undertaking, but Jay “Viscant” Snyder has stepped up to the plate to offer his opinion on how teams pan out in the Versus title. This first installment covers compositions that he considers to be the three best available in the game at the moment, which include teams comprised of Zero/Dante or Zero/Vergil, Morrigan/Doom, and Viper/Doom or Viper/Strider. Being a long time player, Viscant’s knowledge and experience makes this a fantastic read, and he backs up his claims with examples from the community and players who best represent the team makeups.

We’ve included a short excerpt below, but be sure to read the entire article on the Broken Tier website.

I think the best form of this team is team Zero may cry (or more appropriately, Zero will make you cry), Zero/Dante-A/Vergil-Y.  The premise of this team is simple.  Zero is a dominant point character.  Vergil is a dominant anchor.  Zero can kill off of stray hits in a meter efficient manner with the lightning loop meaning you can generate 1 hit kills while still building meter and Vergil with meter at the end of a game with XF3 is a monster who dominates other common and strong anchors like Phoenix, Wesker and Morrigan.  The reason Dante is the preferred assist is that jam session works so well with both Vergil and Zero both for combos and mixups.  Plus Dante and Vergil have excellent synergy together meaning that even if Zero is killed instantly this team can still do serious damage.

Other forms of the team are top notch as well with Doom-missiles working well with both Zero and Vergil for combos and lockdown potential and Akuma-tatsu providing for very difficult to read resets and Hawkeye arrows allow Zero to teleport in freely and set up some easy pressure without burning the buster.   Still, Dante-a gets the nod from me.  In my eyes, this is the most powerful team in the game; now it’s up to players of this team to prove me right.  Stop dropping combos guys, make me look good!

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Source: Broken Tier