Kokujin and Nuki Announce Their Own Nico Nico Live Program, Premieres May 25

By on May 24, 2012 at 2:24 am

Legendary fighting game personalities Kokujin and Nuki announced Tuesday that they are getting their own program on Nico Nico Live. The two already air frequent streams together on their individual Nico Live community channels, make regular appearances together at numerous fighting game events for discussion sessions, and even have their own 3rd Strike 5on5 tournament series, the KokuNuki Cup. The pair have now reached official level with “Sakigake! KokuNuki Oukoku (Charging Ahead! KokuNuki Kingdom)”.

Airing on Friday May 25 at 10 PM JST (9 AM EDT, 6 AM PDT), the show premiere will also star top Guilty Gear and Street Fighter IV player Kazunoko and popular commentator Sentosu, and will feature Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012 online play with star players Haitani, Uryo and Kindevu. KokuNuki Oukoku is already looking to be a huge success, sitting at #1 in the official live program ranking list with over 8,500 timeshifts (viewing reservations). If you have a Nico account and are willing to bear with the site’s complicated viewing system and the early start time, be sure to tune in.

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