Redrapper Releases RANBAT Movie Trailer; Tentatively Set to Premiere May 30th Before Wednesday Night Fights

By on May 23, 2012 at 9:08 pm

Following its premiere last night on Cross Counter Live, Zaid “Redrapper” Tabani recently released the trailer for his upcoming movie, RANBAT. Much like his earlier project Coin-Op Eulogy, RANBAT is a passionate look at the fighting game community and the arcade scene that it sprung up from, told through a dramatic fictional narrative. For a brief description of the film and the people involved, we’ve included a shorty summary from Tabani himself below the video.

The film follows the death of an Arcade over a week in late November 2011, before the release of AE 2012. At first, Roy (Zaid Tabani) feels catatonic towards all of it. He resolves to prepare for the upcoming ranbat on the Saturday before the arcade shuts down. But as time goes on, the idea begins to dawn on him that this place where he’s met his family, his friends, and his worst enemies– will cease to exist in just a few short days.

This isn’t a documentary. It’s a full on narrative film shot with a script, actors, locations, cast, apes… okay no apes but all of the other stuff. It features a plethora of top players and community members including Justin Wong, Alex Valle, Mike Ross, Gootecks, Mike Watson, Abe “Neo” Sotelo, and many more.

RANBAT is tentatively scheduled to stream live on May 30th courtesy of Level|Up Live, before next week’s Wednesday Night Fights. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to tune in at 7 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern to watch the entire film before catching your weekly tournament action. It will also be made available on Youtube and Vimeo shortly after its premiere. We’ll keep you updated if any of these details change between then and now.

Source: Redrapper