Additional Skullgirls Patch Change Notes From UltraChen TV

By on May 23, 2012 at 12:22 pm

The latest episode of UltraChen TV wrapped up last night, and special guest Mike Z has unveiled even more changes set to come in the upcoming Skullgirls patch. Below is a list of changes that weren’t covered in Mike Z’s first patch rundown, as seen on The Mix-Up. Note that Hornet Bomber has changed again since the last build, hopefully in a way that will act as a compromise to both sides of the “nerf it/leave it alone” argument.

As with the other list of changes, none of this is final.

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General Changes
  • Five frame leniency buffer has been added for chains, allowing you to do combos with “marvel timing.”
  • The second player can now config buttons in in training mode and the options menu.
  • Holding down buttons no longer locks inputs in button config.
  • As long as the second player has hit one button in button config, button config won’t close for them when another play chooses “accept”.
  • Air normals and air command normals are now counted as the same move in the iPS.
  • Mike Z said the IPS changes has reduced everyone’s maximum damage output by 1,500-2,000.
  • Mike Z hopes the patch will come out mid-June though the date is not official.
  • Hornet Bomber  causes untechable knockdown again.
  • Hornet Bomber bounces you lower than it used to. It still lets you follow up with a combo but it’s more likely that you will use up your OTG.
  • Hornet Bomber cancel window has been reduced.
  • Double’s first medium kick has been slowed by one frame.
Ms. Fortune
  • Rekkas can no longer be canceled into head recall
  • Meter gain on GARBAGE DAY has been normalized. Now builds a third of what it used to.
  • Peacock gains a third of the meter she usually would when charging an item drop.
  • Peacock’s teleport now ends closer to the opponent than it used to.
  • Peacock’s teleport is now four frames slower on recovery, but starts up faster.
  • Cerebella has received an across the board damage nerf. Her basic combos do about 1,500-2,000 damage less.
  • Jumping MP knocks you down further than it used to. j.MP-j.MK no longer works in the corner.
  • Nothing else has been changed since the last build.
  • Valentine’s jumping hard punch now knocks you higher in the air
  • The tweak to Buer Thresher’s damage scaling has been returned to normal
  • Painwheel’s new Lightning Legs style pinion dash can be chosen as a custom assist by pressing down and two kicks.
  • Trajectory on the first hit of Fenrir Drive has been slightly changed. It can now DHC out of EKG Flatliner.
  • Fenrir Drive has been given slightly more recovery.

Source: UltraChen TV

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