X-Mania Europe 2 Super Turbo Tournament Streaming Live This Weekend

By on May 19, 2012 at 5:35 am

Neo-Arcadia Toulouse in cooperation with Takada Baba Gamecenter Mikado in Japan is holding the second X-Mania Europe Super Street Fighter II X (Turbo) tournament in Toulouse, France. A number of guests from across the world are traveling to France for the event:

Professeur Jones (France)
Damdai (USA)
Komoda (Japan)
Yaya (Japan)
Kusumondo (Japan)
Kurahashi (Japan)
Kenpachi (Belgium)

The event will have multiple competitions, including singles, singles 3v3 (each player plays 3 characters) and 3v3 teams. In addition, there will also be a Tournament of Legends qualifying tournament, reserved for the European players, with the winner taking home all the prize money for that specific tournament and claiming a spot at EVO 2012 for the 32-player Tournament of Legends.

SWGA Maho will be streaming the event, so be sure to catch some of the best in the ST World in fierce competition.

Schedule in US EDT (UTC -4) and PDT (UTC -7):


5AM EDT, 2AM PDT: Singles 3v3 tournament
11AM, 8AM PDT: Singles tournament
End of Singles – 5PM EDT, 2PM PDT: Night play


5AM EDT, 2AM PDT: 3v3 tournament
11AM EDT, 8AM PDT: Exhibition Tournament – Battle Royale France Vs World
2PM EDT, 11AM PDT: End of tournament

Watch live video from swga_maho on www.twitch.tv

Sources: X-Mania Europe, SWGA_Maho