First GODSGARDEN #6 Details Revealed, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code the Featured Title

By on May 11, 2012 at 8:29 am

This morning on KaoTV!, Soushihan KSK officially announced the first details for GODSGARDEN #6, the next entry in the ongoing tournament series. KSK revealed that the featured title for GODS #6 would be MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code, the last version of the fighting game based on the visual novel Tsukihime. Earlier this morning the rumor mill was abuzz on Twitter, with word that the next GODS tourney would be for Melty Blood, and on KaoTV!, that leak was confirmed.

The source of that first information was from MBAACC co-developer Ecole Software’s official broadcast Mel TV.  The tournament –which will be played on the PC version of the game– will take place on September 1, and will not be at Asagaya/Loft A in Tokyo, the traditional venue for the GODSGARDEN series, but in Kansai, at the Shinsaibashi club JAWS in Osaka. Instead of the usual night tournament, GODS #6 will start at midday around 11AM JST, allowing the large number of underage players in the Melty Blood community to participate.

The main tournament will feature 8 players, with 3 decided by invite, 1 by a fan vote and 4 by a qualifying tournament the day of the event. On Mel TV, the 3 invited players were announced to be Hare, GO1 (Tougeki 2010 Champion and winner of the KVO THE ULTIMATE BATTLE 2012 persona 4 The ULTIMATE in MAYONAKA ARENA tournament last week), and Shikkii, the winners of Ecole’s official ranking battle HydraGP for the East, Middle, and West Japan areas, respectively. If one of the invited players is unable to attend, that slot will be passed on to the qualifying tournament.

While the first several GODSGARDEN tournaments (#1, #2, #2.5, ONLINE #1 and #2) were for the Street Fighter IV series, that trend was broken in 2011 with GODSGARDEN #3, a Tekken 6 tournament. GODSGARDEN #4 again returned to the SFIV series with Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, but the last numbered tournament was for BlazBlue Continuum Shift II. GODSGARDEN has also collaborated with other organizations for special events, including GODSGARDEN x TwitchTV – Classic, and KVO x GODSGARDEN.

UPDATE: Format and platform details added.

Source: KaoTV!, Mel TV (tip via toypop of NeoGAF), HydraGP