Mike Z: Assists in Skullgirls Not Being Able To Burst is Working as Intended

By on May 9, 2012 at 10:15 am

A few weeks ago, in one of our video round ups, we reported that Skullgirls‘ vaunted Infinite Prevention System had been “broken.” Apparently, that report was unfounded as Mike Z had previously made a post on the same thing in our forums.  Addressing comments about a video he shared with Dacidbro doing a similar thing to an assist, Mike had this to say:

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, assists are free on purpose. Not off double snap, though, only kill.

Meanwhile, Mike had the following comment regarding the reaction to the video we posted a few weeks back.

…if you kill or snap just the point, you can kill the assist on purpose. This was 100% intentional and I mentioned it a looooong long time ago.

The infinite prevention system then is, contrary to our earlier report, not yet broken (with the possible exception of the pink hits sparks showing in this scenario). We apologize to both Reverge Labs and our readers for any confusion and worry our earlier post may have caused.

Source: Mike Z via the Shoryuken Forums.

Image c/o Final Bout

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