Don’t Be a Scrub Podcast Episode 21 – Ziggy of Ozhadou

By on April 30, 2012 at 10:09 pm

The latest episode of the Don’t Be a Scrub podcast features a very special guest from down under. Andrew “Ziggy” Ziogas is one of the founders of Australia’s Ozhadou and their Ozhadou Nationals tournaments, and a huge part of the Australian fighting game community. They talk about the history of the fighting game scene in Sydney, the founding of Ozhadou, the beginning of their national tournaments, and a variety of other topics over the course of the interview, so check this out to learn a little bit more about a very interesting scene. They also touch on Bracketed, Ziggy’s latest series of articles on Ozhadou that deal with tournament organization. We’ve included a little excerpt from the transcript below, but you can head over to Being a Scrub to read the rest and download the audio version.

Spidercarnage: So how did Ozhadou and OHN start? Can you give us a brief history?

Ziggy: With Ozhadou starting…it’s a bit interesting. As I said, I live in Wollongong so I’d sort of given up on arcades. They’d all shut down here and I thought the game was sort of dead and buried. Then I started working in Sydney sort of in 2000, 2001. And I discovered that the arcades were still alive, and that people even went to them.

I was amazed.

So when I saw that there was Marvel and things like that I thought, oh that’s interesting. And um, I’d stumbled across around that time. And I started reading up on their guide to how to run a double elimination bracket and all that sort of stuff. And I was looking around for Australian players. So I went on the forums and I saw some guys who’d been talking about playing Marvel in Sydney in the arcade right near where I was studying.

So I went, okay I’ll post in here and see if I can hook up with some of these guys. I did that, I didn’t get a response from anybody in Sydney but I got an email from a guy in Canberra. By the name of Justin Hogie…

Source: Being a Scrub