Help MYK Battle a Terrible Disease

By on April 27, 2012 at 10:50 am

Michael Y. Kwon (MYK) has been a prominent member in both the Tekken and Street Fighter communities for years now. He’s been featured on everything from Level Up Your Game’s tutorial videos to a guest spot on Cross Assault. He’s an incredibly welcoming and good natured guy who’s in some very dire straights right now.

MYK was recently diagnosed with a dangerous skin disease. People who have experience with hospital bills know that fighting this kind of thing is a very difficult and expensive process. The FGC has always banded together to help our own overcome the most terrifying odds, and it’s in times like these where we can really help. There’s a donation page set up on We Pay to donate to MYK and help his family pay for these hospital bills. Click here to donate to the cause. Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery Michael. We’re rooting for ya.

For more information on MYK’s history in the scene, check out Level Up Your Game.

Source: Level Up Your Game

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