Skullgirls Video Round-Up: Breaking the Infinite Prevention System Edition – 04/24

By on April 24, 2012 at 11:26 am

Today’s Skullgirls roundup is short but important, as someone has finally figured out a way to break Mike Z’s infinite prevention system. It’s essentially a variation of the double snap glitch from Marvel 2. If you snap out a point character without touching the assist character and then proceed to combo the assist character, your opponent will be unable to trigger an infinite prevention burst. You can then easily combo the assist to death and there is nothing the opponent can do about it. Credit goes to  for being the first to break the system.

In non-game breaking news, we have three more combos for you.  brings us this optimized combo with Double. It avoids her multi-hit moves because of their horrible damage scaling. The timing is really tricky. If you are off by a bit, the barrel won’t knock the opponent down, or might whiff entirely.

Urichinan came up with this fancy Parasoul combo that just about kills the opponent.

Finally,  decided to innovate on the item-drop method for linking Peacock’s Argus Agony into itself. By linking into a small combo, he is able to hit the super multiple times.

Sources: Urichinan

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