NorCal Knock-Outs KOFXIII, UMvC3 Tournament Results

By on April 22, 2012 at 9:37 pm

iPlayWinner’s NorCal Knock-Outs tournament recently went live, bringing you some great King of Fighters XIII and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 from a variety of fantastic players. The brackets are made up of players that were both invited and voted in, and at only eight entrants each tournament should be intense from beginning to end. Tune in live below, or head over to Twitch TV to get in on the chat.

KOFXIII Bracket | UMvC3 Bracket

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1. BBZ (Billy/Hwa/Shen, Benimaru/Hwa/Shen)
2. Pain (Saiki/Leona/Ash, Duo Lon/K’/Leona Duo Lon/Leona/Saiki, Athena/Leona/Saiki, K’/Leona/Saiki)
3. ON|MichelS (Kula/Kensou/Chin)
4. Hellpockets (Terry/Joe/Kim)
5. Fixel (Ralf/Mr. Karate/Shen)
5. Laban (EX Iori/Terry/EX Kyo)
7. Rodger Dodger (Yuri/Mai/Kim, Kyo/Yuri/Kim)
7. Tone (Kyo/Yuri/Iori)

Grand Finals

BBZ (Benimaru/Hwa/Shen) vs. Pain (K’/Leona/Saiki) – (3-2)

Losers F inals

ON|MichelS (Kula/Kensou/Chin) vs. Pain (Benimaru/K’/Leona) – (0-2)

Winners Finals

BBZ (Benimaru/Shen/Hwa) vs. Pain (Duo Lon/Leona/Saiki, Athena/Leona/Saiki) – (2-0)

Losers Bracket Match Log

Laban (EX Iori/Terry/EX Kyo) vs. Tone (Kyo/Yuri/Iori) – (2-1)
Rodger Dodger (Kyo/Yuri/Kim) vs. Fixel (Ralf/Mr. Karate/Shen) – (1-2)

ON|MichelS (Kula/Kensou/Chin) vs. Laban (EX Iori/Terry/EX Kyo) – (2-0)
Hellpockets (Terry/Joe/Kim) vs. Fixel (Ralf/Mr. Karate/Shen) – (2-0)

ON|MichelS (Kula/Kensou/Chin) vs. Hellpockets (Terry/Joe/Kim) – (2-0)

Winners Bracket Match Log

BBZ (Billy/Hwa/Shen) vs. Laban (EX Iori/Terry/EX Kyo) – (2-0)
Hellpockets (Terry/Joe/Kim) vs. Tone (Kyo/Yuri/Iori) – (2-0)
ON|MichelS (Kula/Kensou/Chin) vs. Fixel (Ralf/Mr. Karate/Shen) – (2-1)
Rodger Dodger (Yuri/Mai/Kim, Kyo/Yuri/Kim) vs. Pain (Saiki/Leona/Ash) – (0-2)

BBZ (Billy/Hwa/Shen) vs. Hellpockets (Terry/Joe/Kim) – (2-0)
ON|MichelS (Kula/Kensou/Chin) vs. Pain (Duo Lon/K’/Leona) – (0-2)


1. GCYoshi13 (Chris/Spencer/Sentinel)
2. X-Ray (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu, Dante/Magneto/Amaterasu)
3. IGL|Honzo Gonzo (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu)
4. GC|DacidBro (Captain America/Taskmaster/Vergil, Dante/Taskmaster/Vergil)
5. Chrisis (C. Viper/Zero/Strider)
5. Hi I’m Nastyy (Wesker/Frank West/Super Skrull)
7. STA|WindZero (Zero/Chris/Jill)
7. Pedro Morales (Vergil/Wesker/Strider)

Grand Finals

GCYoshi13 (Chris/Spencer/Sentinel) vs. X-Ray (Dante/Magneto/Amaterasu) – (4-3)

Losers Finals

IGL|Honzo Gonzo (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. X-Ray (Dange/Magneto/Amaterasu) – (2-3)

Winners Finals

GCYoshi13 (Chris/Spencer/Sentinel) vs. X-Ray (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu, Dante/Magneto/Amaterasu) – (3-2)

Losers Bracket Match Log

GC|DacidBro (Dante/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Pedro Morales (Vergil/Wesker/Strider) – (3-0)
Chrisis (C. Viper/Zero/Strider) vs. STA|WindZero (Zero/Chris/Jill) – (3-0)

Hi I’m Nastyy (Wesker/Frank West/Super Skrull) vs. GC|DacidBro (Dante/Taskmaster/Vergil) – (2-3)
IGL|Honzo Gonzo (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. Chrisis (C. Viper/Zero/Strider) – (3-0)

IGL|Honzo Gonzo (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. GC|DacidBro (Dante/Taskmaster/Vergil) – (3-1)

Winners Bracket Match Log

IGL|Honzo Gonzo (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. Pedro Morales (Vergil/Wesker/Strider) – (3-2)
X-Ray (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. GC|DacidBro (Captain America/Taskmaster/Vergil, Dante/Taskmaster/Vergil) – (3-1)
STA|WindZero (Zero/Chris/Jill) vs. GCYoshi13 (Chris/Spencer/Sentinel) – (2-3)
Chrisis (C. Viper/Zero/Strider) vs. Hi I’m Nastyy (Wesker/Frank West/Super Skrull) – (0-3)

X-Ray (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. IGL|Honzo Gonzo (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) – (3-0)
GCYoshi13 (Chris/Spencer/Sentinel) vs. Hi I’m Nastyy (Wesker/Frank West/Super Skrull) – (3-0)


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