SNK’s Guide to Fighting Zoners with Grapplers in KOFXIII

By on April 16, 2012 at 10:59 am

SNK recently posted a video and blog post detailing ways to deal with zoning characters using grapplers in The King of Fighters XIII. The specific example used is Goro versus King. Unfortunately, the video is in Japanese, but Professor over at MMCafe was nice enough to give us a rough translation of the post.

This week’s Q&A update is about a guy saying that he has trouble against King when using Goro. SNKP posts a 5 min video guide about it. Here’s a rough lowdown.

– King’s D Tornato Kick can be punished with a standing D even if it hits at the tip. Easy meterless 200 damage combo from there with throw. You can also do his QCB +B dodge roll on reaction and punish from there with a throw.

– If you’re eating a Tornado Kick after a slide, that means you’re getting hit by the slide to begin with. Chances are they’re punishing you on jump attacks that don’t hit low, or when you’re whiffing attacks with a high hitbox. Jump instead with D. In poking range, do vertical jumps and see how they react. It’s a low-risk manuver even if they’re not sliding, and if they’re sliding, you can fully punish them and pretty much win the round.

– Against Projectiles in general, you need to make actions on a read. Your opponent will basically make 3 kinds of actions when they’re in a safe distance. Your objective, very obviously, is to get through the projectiles and get close to your opponent.

1. Shoot a weak projectile and watch for the opponent to react—
The projectile character will try and punish you as you go through their projectile.
Solution: Try and close your distance within limits where their anti-air or punishing move can’t hit you. Also, it’s hard for them to react if you dodge their projectile at the last moment, so you can try doing that and see if they whiff their punishment.

2. Shoot a weak projectile and close into the opponent—
For the projectile character, this is an effective solution against #1, and it can also be their source of starting an offense.
Solution: Block or vertical jump depending on the situation. They’ll be closing their distance to you, so it’s a good thing for you.

3. Shoot a fierce projectile and hit the opponent trying to close in/make an action—
For the projectile character, this is a method to hit the opponent on their jump’s startup for example. If you get hit in the air, you’ll get knocked down and find yourself at a disadvantage.
Solution: Try and not get hit in the air. If you see a fierce projectile, roll early and close your distance to them. It’s especially not a problem for Goro since he can EX QCB+K and punish with a throw. He can also punish by doing his ground stomp at the right timing.

As for Air Venom Strikes, if they’re doing it from a safe distance, it’s the same as a normal venom strike so you can use the same method as against ground venoms and close into the opponent. If they’re doing it from a back jump, you can run and punish them with a combo if the situation allows. You can also punish air venoms with his ground stomp.

Sources: SNK, MMCafe

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