The Cardboard Arcade of 9 Year Old Caine Brings an Enthusiastic Flashmob to L.A.

By on April 10, 2012 at 11:52 am

I wish Arcades were so much more these days, and I’m sure Caine does too. He’s a 9 year old kid from East L.A. who built an entire arcade out of cardboard boxes in front of his father’s used Auto Parts store. Its that stuff of innocence and imagination you find very rarely in the arms of adulthood. Caine captured, as best he knew, the soul of an arcade and recreated it the only way he could. It was really kind of amazing. Yet he never got one customer. Until Nirvan Mullick came along and organized a flashmob to surprise him.

This short film (directed by Mullick), chronicles the whole experience. I had a big gaping smile across my face the entire time. If not for the sight of watching a 9 year old’s eyes light up as he see the magic of his arcade come to life, then for the amount of love he has for the whole experience itself. It was said a long time ago that the spirit of the Arcade isn’t dead. I think Caine would agree. I think he proved it.

SOURCE: Nirvan Mullick’s Vimeo Channel,, Tip from S-kill

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