Namco Bandai Soul Calibur V World Championships Results

By on April 10, 2012 at 6:57 pm

Just a quick reminder for everyone interested in Soul Calibur V out there, Namco Bandai’s World Championships event is just about to get under way, streaming live courtesy of Team Spooky. A fantastic group of killers have been pulled together to compete for over $10,000 in cash and prizes, so be sure to tune in and see which competitor will take home the gold for their country. The list of invited players can be found below the stream window.

UPDATE: Full results have been added below.


1. OmegaDR (Nightmare, Siegfried)
2. Akire (Mitsurugi)
3. Keev (Nightmare)
4. No Face Killer (Cervantes, Nightmare)
5. RTD (Mitsurugi, Leixia)
5. Hyrul (Tira, Leixia, Natsu)
7. SHK (Pyrrha Ω)
7. Toilet (Z.W.E.I.)

Grand Finals

OmegaDR (Nightmare) vs. Akire (Mitsurugi) – (2-3) (Akire resets the bracket)
OmegaDR (Nightmare) vs. Akire (Mitsurugi) – (3-1)

Losers Finals

Keev (Nightmare) vs. Akire (Mitsurugi) – (1-2)

Winners Finals

Keev (Nightmare) vs. OmegaDR (Siegfried) – (1-2)

Winners Bracket Match Log

Toilet (Z.W.E.I.) vs. OmegaDR (Nightmare) – (1-2)
No Face Killer (Cervantes) vs. Hyrul (Tira, Leixia) – (2-0)
Akire (Mitsurugi) vs. RTD (Mitsurugi, Leixia) – (2-0)
SHK (Pyrrha Ω) vs. Keev (Nightmare) – (0-2)
OmegaDR (Siegfried) vs. No Face Killer (Cervantes) – (2-1)
Keev (Nightmare) vs. Akire (Mitsurugi) – (2-1)

Losers Bracket Match Log

Toilet (Z.W.E.I.) vs. Hyrul (Leixia) – (1-2)
RTD (Mitsurugi) vs. SHK (Pyrrha Ω) – (2-0)
Hyrul (Natsu, Tira) vs. Akire (Mitsurugi) – (0-2)
RTD (Mitsurugi) vs. No Face Killer (Cervantes) – (0-2)
No Face Killer (Cervantes, Nightmare) vs. Akire (Mitsurugi) – (0-2)

Source: Team Spooky