Christian Svensson Says DLC Will Not Be Included on Street Fighter x Tekken’s PC Disc

By on April 6, 2012 at 11:43 pm

Capcom’s Christian Svensson recently answered a few questions about the PC version of Street Fighter x Tekken pertaining to the ever-important DLC discussion as well as requirements and benchmark information. According to Svensson, the DLC will not be included on the PC’s retail discs, as the company is opting to patch the game through a series of downloads instead of unlocking on-disc content. He also offered some information on when they’ll be releasing the DLC on PCs. The full list of questions and answers have been included below.

1. Ono recently tweeted that “maybe” the PC version wouldn’t have the DLC on the disc. I would like some clarification on that “maybe”. Will the DLC be on the disc or not?

Not. I’m told it will be DLed to the clients when we’re ready to release them.

2. When can we expect to know the recommended PC specs for SFxT?

Good question. No reason we shouldn’t be able to get those out shortly. At minimum, I’m sure they’ll be on the pre-order pages at digital distribution sites in the next week or so.

3. Will there be a benchmark tool?

I need to check. The benchmark scores were used in match making in AE, I’d suspect we’re doing something similar on SFxT but truth be told, I’m guessing. I’ll need to speak to Derek to see if they’re using a similar setup in SFxT.

4. Will SFxT PC have all of the DLC available that the console version does at launch? Let’s just assume for the sake of this question that no further updates will be released for the console version of SFxT until the PC version comes out, will the swap costumes, extra colors and other features that are currently available on the console version for download be available day 1 on PC, or will we be stuck with the console default DLC (i.e., no DLC) until later on?

5. When the 12 DLC characters are released on the console version, will PC get them at the same time as the consoles or will there be a delay?

These questions are related… there will be fewer “discrete” drops of DLC updates on PC than on console as effectively each drop is a new patch/update process for us to go through with the PC version. Sometimes content will be first on console, in a few cases, you may see some bits show up first on PC. The details of this we will make more clear post-launch.

Source: Capcom-Unity, tip via Jason D.