Redemption – iPlayWinner’s Look at Loss and How to Learn From Defeat

By on April 5, 2012 at 10:30 pm

The folks over at iPlayWinner recently released another fantastic summer promo, produced and edited as always by the talented Chris Ceglia. The subject is one all of us can commiserate with, as the feeling of defeat is universal to those who have played fighting games or in any other competitive arena for a period of time. Pulling footage from a variety of interviews they conducted, Redemption is a look at how some prominent members of the community took a loss and turned it around into something more. And while they all may be discussing the same topic, each person has a unique perspective on the emotion and what it means to them.

Take Alex Valle, for example. When he first fought Daigo, he was at the top of his game. Unbeatable. His loss kept his competitive spirit alive during a time where he almost retired from the scene. “Tasty” Steve Scott’s greatest loss was his elimination from Cross Assault, as his nerves kept him from winning the immense $25,000 prize. For Darry Huskey, the definition of loss is more heartfelt, as the departure of many from the scene due to life’s responsibilities and, in the most severe cases, death are his greatest losses during his time in the community.

The most telling part of this video is the way in which each player suddenly lights up as they latch onto a memory that’s stuck with them over the years, because usually their tales of defeat have helped them grow as players. As Aris Bakhtanians so sagely puts it, a mistake isn’t a mistake if you learn from it. So check out this amazing video, and feel free to share some of your moments of redemption in the comment section below. Here’s to a great summer of fighting games.

Source: iPlayWinner