Game-Art-HQ Interview With Skullgirls Creative Director Alex Ahad

By on April 4, 2012 at 8:28 am

Game art and cosplay website Game-Art-HQ recently caught up with Reverge Labs’ Alex Ahad for an interview. The creative director for the soon to be released Skullgirls talked about a range of topics, from how he got his start in the industry (doing work for Gaia Online while in ULCA), his inspirations for creating Skullgirls (doujin games like EFZ and Melty Blood), his personal fighting game history (Darkstalkers, Jojo’s, Guilty Gear, MvC2), as well as what kind of fighting game fan he is (more on the character/art side of things than on being competitive).

One of the more interesting questions asked is on the possibility of a sequel if the game turns out to be a success.

I would like to continue Skullgirls if possible. There are plenty of things I wanted to do and planned to do for the future that we were not able to fit in the game. There are other genres and other ideas I’d like to work on in the future though, but I feel like Skullgirls is not quite complete yet.

The rest of the interview is art related. Alex talks about the influences for certain characters as well as which artists he looks up to.

You can read the entire interview over at Game-Art-HQ.

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