Street Fighter X Tekken – Collaboration Combo Video by Mikadok and Snoooootch

By on April 2, 2012 at 7:08 am

Snoooootch and  have teamed up to bring you this stylish Street Fighter X Tekken combo video. They abuse every facet of the system to create combos with peculiar links and strict timing. Their usage of special attack dash cancels is particularly interesting. They are essentially free yet more restrictive FADCs. Snoooootch and Mikadok are able to use them in certain stiuatitons that even allow them to taunt mid-combo. We will probably see them used more often as the gameplay of SF X TK evolves. Full combo transcripts can be found below.

Combo Transcript for Snoooootch:

0:05 Combo showcasing Special Attack Dash Cancel juggles

0:34 Cross over combo that just barely allowed Ryu to combo with cr. hp to Super.

1:15 Abel hits Hugo during the hit stun of Law’s third kick, affecting nothing but his ability to roll to the opposite side in time to taunt facing the opposite side, and time enough to recover from the taunt.

1:22 Using Abel’s Shoulder Tackle, I was able to SADC out of it and with specific timing managed to juggle with an EX Shoulder Tackle. I also managed to roll forward to catch Hugo from the opposite side. Tough Timing!

1:28 Cancelling in later frames during the second hit of Abel’s cr. hp, I was able to whiff the EX Shoulder Tackle, giving him just enough time to juggle from the opposite side. The timing isn’t as hard as the previous combo for the second EX Shoulder Tackle, but timing and spacing the wheel kick is. You have to step back just a bit, jist in time.

1:33 Just a combo with a mid combo Roll that changed the combo’s direcion.

1:41 Ken’s EX SRK sends Hugo high enough for Abel to be able to roll in perfect position to juggle with st. hp, and gives him just enough height to allow another st. hp after cancelling into a lk Roll. The timing and spacing is way harder than it looks.

1:55 Law has a strange juggle property to his Fury Fist Rush where doing a raw juggle after the ground bounce target combo (b+mp to mp) makes him go into the full move’s animation, but in other cases it would whiff completely. Using the corner, Law was able to juggle his wall bounce hit due to Ken’s cr. mk bouncing Hugo into the punch. Law’s wall bounce gives Ken enough time to EX Charge his super after cancelling into ex tatsu from said cr. mk.

2:37 Using the same juggle set up for Law’s Fury Fist Rush, Ken is able to ex tatsu fast enough to shoot Hugo back into Law’s last punch. This allows Ken to juggle, so I went ahead and did some ground bounces and SADC juggles to make it a bit more complex.

Combo Transcript for Mikadok:

0:16 A combo meant for the corner. Guile nailing five crouching strongs showcases this, though Law’s HCF+P move will force you to differentiate the timing if you use different versions.

0:24 Using the juggle properties that Law gets on his HCF+P move if he hits it on an airborne opponent allows for the extra shenanigans in this combo.

0:39 This one’s a little tricky to pull. If you mistime Raven’s teleport, you wind up in front of the opponent instead of behind them, and they get pushed too far away for the three crouching light punches to connect.

0:51 A combo utilizing the aerial bound Raven has in his jumping Roundhouse.

1:03 The first link with Nina isn’t possible on a few characters, as the LP, MP will miss some.

1:47 Another combo utilizing the aforementioned link with Nina. Also shown here, when you switch out during a Launcher, the opponent is left in a state where you can actually air grab them.

2:06 This is a tricky one, because you have to switch out the moment the punch from Jin’s stance connects, or you won’t have time enough to connect with Rolento’s jabs coming in.

2:13 Using the strange property of Law’s Fury Fist Rush in order to bounce the opponent about a bit and have Ibuki capitalize at midscreen.

2:26 Hitting Ibuki’s close s.HK in the corner too early will cause the opponent to fall too low to the ground too quickly to follow up properly.

2:50 Charging the second Sonic Boom in this one more or less requires the linked LP, MP chain. Other than that, seeing Guile and 28 hit combo on the same screen just seems bizarre. :3


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