Top Soul Calibur Competitors Keev and Kayane Part Ways with Sponsor eLive

By on March 29, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Earlier today, French Soul Calibur site GNZ reported that Keev and Kayane have left their sponsorship with eLive. Kayane recently divulged that both sides had different visions of how a player/sponsor relationship should work, so they’ve decided to take their talents elsewhere.

As it’s posted everywhere now, yes, Keev and me are leaving eLive. We don’t have same vision of what is a player, sponsor etc at all.

Rumor has it that the players had to pay their own way to last weekend’s MLG Winter Championships, a tournament that Keev ultimately won, and that may have pushed them to make this decision. Neither one should have difficulty finding a new home, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

MK of eLive recently posted a response to this news:

UPDATE: Kayane further explained the situation in the comment section below.

They didn’t want to send Keev and me at MLG because eLive wanted them to invite us. eLive didn’t see why they should send us there because MLG got a lot of money, and that if we’re not invited, then it means we’re just “beginners” (because great players should be invited according to eLive). So Keev and me waited until one week before the tournament day to finally have a “NO” from eLive. And the plane tickets were way more expensive.

I don’t see the point to wait for invitation when we are sponsored. And who am I to wait being invited to go to a tournament I want? I can be seen by eLive as a beginner because I went to MLG by myself, but I absolutely don’t regret to have been at MLG, so does Keev. eLive and us can’t understand each other about all that. So that’s why we quit.

So now the adventures continue, and it absolutely doesn’t make me less motivated to play and travel.

Sources: GNZ, Kayane, eLive, images via MLG