All KOFXIII Trials With Handcam by VesperArcade

By on March 28, 2012 at 3:12 am

VesperArcade has finally finished KOFXIII’s trial mode with this last video. It goes through Leona Heidern’s trials, complete with handcam. A full blog on the trials can be found below.

Ash and Leona are by far the most difficult trials in KOF XIII.

Both are charge based characters. You need to absolutely master
charge buffering before even attempting to complete either trial.

(Charge)D-U+P xx (Charge)B-F+K is very common in almost every trial.
To buffer this, input (Charge)DB-UB+P xx F+K

This must be second nature in the later trials.

Her super (Air)QCF-HCB+P is usually required to be TK’d for trials.

Input it as QCF-HCB-UB+P

Trial 3

The trick to this one is whiffing the S.LP into (Charge)D-U+PP.
Leona cannot cancel her C.LK this is why they make you do it
this way.

(Charge)Down – Neutral S.LP ~ U+PP

Trial 4

You can easily cheat on this one by simply jumping in and performing it.

If you want to do it legit you simply just need raw speed, no shortcut

Trial 5

You can easily cheat on this one too. All you have to do it S.HK and charge
during the 2 hits, more than enough time to complete the combo during the
animation of the S.HK

To do this legit. The motion I used was

(Charge)DB – Neutral B+HK ~ UB+P xx F+HK

Trial 7

The start of this combo is tricky. First you need to TK QCB+PP. Then you must
walk slightly forward before doing (Charge)B-F+PP. To do this you must hold
forward and delay pressing PP by half a second. If you do not do it this way
they will be out of range to continue the combo.

You must input (Charge)B-F+P afterwards the second Leona recovers, be very quick.

After QCB+KK wait for the opponent to fall a little bit, keep him slightly low
other wise the next QCB+KK will whiff.

Trial 8

This is where the fun begins.

The trick to mastering this loop is to understand when to HD Cancel and when to
simply link. The combo has just enough gauge to complete. If you HD cancel something
you were not supposed to then you will fail.

HD Cancel everything all the way up to the 3rd (Charge)B-F+HK. Your hands must be fast.
Your hands basically draw a triangle that is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Charge as
soon as possible.

Then (Charge)D-U+P must be linked everytime from this point forward.

The super is linked at the end. If the super whiffs, then you did it too slowly.

Trial 9

After QCB+KK you must jump as high as possible into super. You cannot tk it because you need
the opponent high to continue.

I used the motion QCF-UF (delay) HCB+PP to time this right.

From this point on after each (Charge)B-F+K you must Link the (Charge)D-U+P. This is done in a
1-2 timing motion, listen to my hands.

Trial 10

For each (Charge)D-U+P use the LP version as you recover faster.

The goal here is to keep the opponent as high as possible. To do this you need to execute each
action the second you recover. Also make sure you cancel (Charge)DB-UB+P xx F+K as fast as you

The (Charge)B-F+LK must be linked into.

The (Charge)D-U-P must be linked after as well.

Delay the TK super at the end just slightly so the opponent is really low to the ground. If you do it too high the NEO MAX will whiff.

With Leona’s trials done, Vesper has managed to complete every trial in KOF XIII. You can watch any of them using the character select screen below.

Source: VesperArcade

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