Street Fighter X Tekken Combo Video – Hugo is Awesome

By on March 26, 2012 at 11:30 am

Kysg-Guc put together this combo video to show why so many people are using Hugo in Street Fighter X Tekken. Aside from his massive damage output, he has a simple backbreaker follow up to any tag, his EX clothesline keeps the enemy in place for a very long time allowing for tag cancel shenanigans, and he can easily rack up 500+ damage without using any meter at all. He’s great as a point or reserve character and he has synergy with many of the assumed to be “top tier” characters in the game.

Unfortunately, his big hit-box makes him extremely vulnerable to cross-ups and keep-away allowing him to be easily nickel and dimed out over the course of a match. Luckily, if you land one of these combos you’ll make up the damage difference quickly. Some of the combos are impractical, especially the Pandora ones, but nearly all of them do more than 500 damage whether they use meter or not. Notes on the combos performed can be found below.

-The Ogre combo starts at 01:49 needs a delayed [EX] Blazing Kick in order to hit CD+LK.
-The combo after HP+HK needs a trade hit to let Hugo continue with his Jump In d+HK
-In the Steve combo, starting at 02:20, the f+MP,LP can be canceled by holding b (getting Steve into flicker stance), and quickly cancel it with a d/b+LP….string.
-The last Hugo combo, starting with a HP needs a trade hit with Kazuya in order to land the rest of the combo.

Source: Kysg-Guc 

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