KOF XIII – Ash Crimson Trials With Handcam by VesperArcade

By on March 26, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Now that VesperArcade has completed all the trials in Street Fighter X Tekken, he’s gone back to attempting what are, in his opinion, some of the hardest trials in existence: the KOF XIII trials. Today he brings us Ash Crimson’s trials complete with his signature handcam. His full mini-blog on the trails is included below.

Ash and Leona are by far the most difficult trials in KOF XIII.

Both are charge based characters. You need to absolutely master
charge buffering before even attempting to complete either trial.

(Charge)D-U+K xx (Charge)B-F+P is very common in almost every trial.
To buffer this, input (Charge)DB-UB xx F+P

This must be second nature in the later trials.

There are also times where you must move slighty forward before you
input (Charge)B-F+P. To do this you must hold forward and delay the
punch button by a tenth of a second. This will allow you to move
slightly ahead to be in range of the next hit. I will note when you
need to do this.

“Sans Culotte” is done by pressing LP-LK-HP-HK in succession.

To do this quickly I flick my index finger vertically twice on both
rows of buttons. It is hard to see in 30fps but you can hear the speed.
Use whatever is comfortable for you.

When “Sans Culotte” is active (you glow green) you no longer have to
charge any special attacks, you simply just input without charge.

Trial 1

You have enough time to charge after B+LK. No need to buffer.

Trial 3

The super is a link, not a cancel.

Trial 4

After QCB+PP you must quickly dash forward B+HK then dash forward again

Trial 5

Try not to slide your hand. D-U+LK xx B+HK XX B-F+HK

Trial 6

(Charge)B-QCF+LK, QCF+HP is what I used to cancel the charge into super.

Trial 7

After B+HK you must slightly step forward before (Charge)B-F+HP, you can
continue to step forward on all (Charge)B-F+HP to make the next hits

Trial 8

This trial is very challenging. To cancel into “Sans Culotte” you must
buffer LP-LK-HP during the last (Charge)B-F+LP then run forward and
press the final button (HK). You have about a full second to hit that
last button, it is very lenient.

The final phase requires 4 reps of

D-U+HK xx B+HK xx D-U+LK xx B+HK xx D-U+LK

This may take a long time for muscle memory. I suggest getting this down
100% before anything.

To practice it, simply roll forward after screen restart and activate
“Sans Culotte”. Juggle the opponent as he is landing.

Make sure each rep starts just before the opponent touches the ground. It
will not work if they are too high.

The final super cancel is very fast. Make sure to practice it as well. I
used no shortcut for it. It was done raw.

Trial 9

It may seem like you do not have time to do (Charge)D-U+LK xx (Charge)B-F+HK
twice, but you do. Cancel into “Sans Culotte” asap after (Charge)B-F+HK

B-F+LK xx B+HK xx D-U+LK xx B+HK xx B-F+HK first rep

then 3 reps of

D-U+HK xx B+HK xx D-U+LK xx B+HK xx B-F+HK

remember to juggle as low as possible, do not slide stick. Also it helps
to charge the first input even though you don’t have to, to help with the

“Sans Culotte” ends before the combo does, remember to charge the final
2 special moves.

Trial 10

This is much harder than it looks. After B+HK make sure to walk slightly
forward before (Charge)B-F+HP. From this point on, you want to walk
forward slightly before each one. You will be out of range if you don’t.

The B+HK xx HD MODE xx (Charge)B-F+HP does not have any trick to it, Ash
will move forward even though you are charging back.

Make sure to delay pressing F+HP after HD MODE. You want Ash to be as close
as possible.

When in HD MODE, B+HK can now be canceled into (Charge)B-F+LP. Make sure to
cancel and not link each one.

Source: VesperArcade

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