Street Fighter X Tekken – Xhibition Vol. 1 Multi-Character Combo Video

By on March 22, 2012 at 8:43 am

‘s newest SF X TK combo video features several different characters pushing the limits of the combo system. Lots of common combo extending tricks are used here including using tag cancels to reset juggle counts and set up for charged moves. There are also points where he uses an EX charged attack as a psuedo-FADC. Some of these combos easily take off half of a bar, while others encounter some pretty severe damage scaling right at the beginning. He performed all the combos with his meter at infinite and never uses more than three bars, but it would have been nice to see him try some of these combos on a non-infinite setting. Some of these combos last so long, he might have actually built up another bar along the way.


Angelo M. D’Argenio A.K.A. MyLifeIsAnRPG got his start in the fighting game community as a young boy playing Street Fighter II in arcades down at the Jersey Shore. As president of Disorganization XIII, he travels the convention circuit presenting a variety of panels from discussions on gamer culture, to stick modding workshops, to fighting game comedy acts. He has a passion for looking at the fighting game community from an academic standpoint and has completed several studies on effective fighting game learning and the impact fighting games have on social circles. A six year veteran of the gaming industry, he also writes for Cheat Code Central and is a lead game designer for Ember Games. On Tuesdays, you can find him getting bodied by Chris G and getting mistaken for Seth Rogen at The Break.