Street Fighter x Tekken – King and Rolento/Yoshimitsu Combos by Persona and Snoooootch

By on March 15, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Two of our favorite combo makers continue to pump out great Street Fighter x Tekken content at a steady pace. Persona’s latest is a video dedicated entirely to King, the hard hitting wrestler who possesses a few great tools in the new battle system. While Persona admits the character doesn’t have a lot of variety, he was able to put together a nice assortment of combos.


) M. Bison: –

2) Lili: Only works midscreen.

3) Ken: –

4) Law: Aims for the most amount of hits.


1) M. Bison: qcb P (charge level 1), bMK, jp HP, dHP xx dp KK, uf MK, uf MK, uf MK, HP xx dp HP

2) Lili: jp HP, ufMK, ufMK, dMK-HP xx qcb PPP xx qcb P

3) Ken: fLP+MP, ufMK, fLP+MP, dMP xx qcb PPP xx qcb P

4) Law: jp HK, MP, fMP, dLP-dMP-dHP xx dp KK, fMP, dLP-dMP-dHP xx dp KK, fMP, dLP-dMP-dHP xx dp KK, ufMK, ufMK, ufMK, H xx qcb P

Next, Snooootch continues his series of Fun with SFxT videos with a new team showcase, putting in work with Rolento and Yoshimitsu. While the former is looking rather strong early on, the latter is seen as one of the weaker cast members, making for an interesting team composition that yields surprising results.

Sources: Persona, Snoooootch