Team NINJA Leader Yosuke Hayashi’s Thoughts on the Dead or Alive 5 Demo and Community Involvement

By on March 12, 2012 at 10:22 pm

Team NINJA’s Yosuke Hayashi was recently interviewed by Gamereactor. While the interview focused mostly on Ninja Gaiden 3, Hayashi did have some words for the upcoming demo for Dead or Alive 5, specifically about toning down the sex appeal, working with the competitive community, and how the recent fighting game resurgence has affected Team NINJA.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Yosuke Hayashi: If you look at sex for example, the Dead or Alive girls have always been known for that. So… okay let me ask you one thing right now: When you look at this concept of sex, when you go and meet a woman, do you go and look at her breasts – do you judge a woman by her breasts? You don’t, that’s just rude and disgusting. What we really want to do in [Dead or Alive 5], especially because our female characters have been such a huge symbol of the series, what we want to do is redefine that. What we want to do is make a woman who really moves a man’s heart. When a man looks at a woman, when he looks at her posture, her manners, when he hears her voice, it’s everything that makes up a beautiful woman that can really kind of emotionally move a man.

He also had this to say about involving the core community and why they’re releasing the demo so early:

Yosuke Hayashi: Yes, it is much earlier than you would release a demo, but the reason we released the demo is, as you said, to get feedback from gamers. I think the fighting games are made with the interaction of development and the core kind of fighting game fan.

A full transcript of all the DOA5 related questions can be found over at Free Step Dodge.

Full video interview available at Gamereactor.

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