Street Fighter x Tekken – Paul Combo Video by Persona

By on March 11, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Persona’s series of Street Fighter x Tekken combo videos continues with an installment dedicated to Paul. The Tekken veteran is a slow, deliberate character that can deal out punishment easily, which Persona showcases well. He admits that Paul is one of the simpler cast members, but he does a great job of making him look entertaining.

1) Abel: jp HP, MP, dHP xx hcf LK, dMK xx qcf P

2) Kuma: jp HP, HK xx dp K, dMK xx dp K

3) Vega: jp HP, df HK-P-P, d MP xx qcf PP

4) Asuka: jp HP, dMP, MP-HP xx qcf PP, dMP, dMK-HP xx qcf PPP

5) Xiaoyu: jp HP, dMP, dMP-HP xx dp PP, dMP, dMP, dHP xx qcf PPP

6) Chun-Li: hcb PP, jp HK, fMP, HP xx qcf PPP

Source: Persona