Street Fighter x Tekken – Complete Costume Gallery

By on March 8, 2012 at 6:02 pm

doublesbrian recently sent us an immense amount of images showing off all the costumes hiding away on the Street Fighter x Tekken disc, including those for characters still relegated to future DLC. There’s a ton of great stuff here, including Kuma’s teddy bear suit and Jack-6’s ridiculous cartoony form, as well as a variety of costume swaps from character to character. One neat little detail on Pac-Man’s costume is the old-school game board on the back that runs through some rounds of the classic arcade game as he battles. The entire gallery is available below, listed in alphabetical order, so check it out and let us know which ones you’re most looking forward to.

UPDATE: We were also sent a short video showcasing all the different color options that will be available in the future, including some odd metallic variations.

Source: doublesbrian