Don’t Be a Scrub Podcast Episode 19 Featuring Xian

By on March 8, 2012 at 12:11 am

The latest episode of Muttonhead’s Don’t Be a Scrub podcast was recently uploaded to his blog. He had a chance to sit down with Singaporean player Xian during his visit to OHNX and chat about his history in the scene, his local community, and a variety of other topics. You can head over to the official post to download the podcast as well as check out the entire transcript. Here’s a little bit to get you started.

S: Why Gen actually, of all characters?

X: Because I used to like Gen since Alpha 2. I think he looks really cool. And I felt that Gen is under-potential for AE. And there’s not many people using Gen. So by playing Gen, you get the advantage. Of people not knowing the matchup knowledge.

So even though there’s a lot of bad matchups for Gen, people don’t know the matchup, you can still get the advantage out of it.

And playing Yun is really unpopular! So.  (Laughs.)

Source: Being a Scrub