UPDATE: Street Fighter x Tekken DLC on Disc – Elena, Guy, Cody, Blanka, Bryan, Lei, Lars, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Alisa, Sakura, Christie, Dudley Gameplay

By on March 5, 2012 at 11:55 am

SoulReaper has spent the last few days rummaging through the data on his early copy of Street Fighter x Tekken, finding interesting things like incomplete prologue videos for the upcoming DLC characters. His latest video is something much cooler. Though she doesn’t appear on the character select screen, he’s found a way to make Elena playable through some less than scrupulous means. She appears to be incredibly faithful to her appearances in the Street Fighter III series. He’s working on making more videos for the rest of the extended cast, so stay tuned for more footage.

UPDATE: This article will continue to be updated with more footage as it becomes available, with the newest being added to the bottom. Keep checking back for more!

All of SoulReaper’s videos have been removed due to a copyright claim, but we’ll replace them if they’re uploaded again. Bryan and Lei have been added near the bottom, and Elena’s can be grabbed here.

Zawashima5 uploaded a new video reminding everyone what his username is. There’s also some gameplay footage in the background of Guy and Cody with a few of the cast’s unlocked costumes. He even offers a peek at the character select screen, revealing that he’s unlocked the characters.

SoulReaper is back with a video showcasing some Blanka gameplay.

One more vid, this one focused on both Bryan and Lei.

xyz2theb uploaded some footage of Lars in action.

Mega Man and Pac-Man! On the Xbox 360!

Sp33dking12 provides some Alisa and Sakura gameplay for our list.

xyz2theb is back with some Christie footage.

UPDATE: mrskemar captured a bit of Dudley as well as a little more Sakura, Guy, and Cody.

UPDATE: samx2p compiled a ton of screenshots of alternate costumes from a stream last night.


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