Ed Boon Says No 3G Support in Mortal Kombat Vita

By on February 23, 2012 at 12:34 am

In a recent interview with Click, Ed Boon was asked about what technical concessions were made to allow the game to run over a 3G network. Unfortunately, his response confirmed that the game simply won’t run over the Vita’s 3G network.

“You know what, Mortal Kombat runs at 60 frames per second and it’s a very crisp game,” he said. “The experience we had with 3G, unfortunately, wasn’t one that we felt couldn’t provide the type of experience people want to have. It’s susceptible to external factors like where you are and what not. We really didn’t want to present something to players that might be a bad experience, so we’ve restricted it just to WiFi and local connectivity.”

It looks like the age of the cellular fighting game is still just a bit out of reach.

Source: Click

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