Cross Assault Daily Blog: Trial Mode and Pandora Elimination

By on February 23, 2012 at 10:17 am

A new Capcom-Unity blog announced the newest challenges that the Cross Assault contestants will have to undergo. The team challenge will be a “Trial Mode Assault.” Each team member will be given five minutes to complete as many trials as they can. Once they choose a character they must complete all of their trials before they switch to another one.

The post also introduced a new element to Cross Assault: “Pandora Elimination.” This challenge takes place when one team has more members than another. The unbalanced team will have to send two of their members into a match to decide who will be eliminated from the competition. The member who performs worst in the team challenge will automatically be put in the match while the rest of the team must vote on who his opponent will be. The loser gets eliminated from the competition.

The post also gave us a rundown of what has transpired so far.

It was interesting to watch the approaches that both Alex and Aris used to coach their teams.  Alex took a very team centered approach, giving advice to all players and keeping the training sessions very open and structured.  Aris was more of a behind the scenes manipulator, being quite aggressive with his team, and spent a lot of time trying to spy on the other team and hid his team’s strategies by putting up who he felt his weakest players were on his team, calling them his “Trojan Horses.”

However yesterday, Team Street Fighter definitely prevailed.  They took a clean sweep of the Team Callange 3-0, and then ReNiC took out KOR in the Day 1 Elimination.  A very impressive start for Team Street Fighter.

For his advantage award, Alex decided to take a console away from Team Tekken.  So now during today’s practice sessions, Team Street Fighter will have three consoles to practice on, and Team Tekken will have only two.  If Team Tekken wants to get more consoles, they will have to win today’s Team Challenge.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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