Double Revealed as Final Skullgirls Launch Character, Updated With Gameplay Information and Screenshots

By on February 16, 2012 at 10:24 pm

Gametrailers TV on Spike just revealed the final character for Skullgirls initial launch lineup. Double, a monstrous boss character that mimics the moves of other characters, will round out the eight-fighter roster available when the game launches later this year. She seems to be as deadly as she is terrifying, and even busts out some moves that were left on the cutting room floor. We’ll have some more in-depth gameplay soon when the videos hit Gametrailers. If you didn’t happen to catch the short segment, believe me when I say her animation is crazier than even this small piece of concept art would make you think. Get hype, we’re almost there!

UPDATE: A new blog on Gametrailers has divulged some gameplay information as well as a few new screenshots.

  • Double moves around the field as a quivering eldritch horror, and transforms into other characters for most attacks
  • While Double may use frames of animation from other characters, many of the attacks are “remixes” of the moves she’s copying
  • Even though she transforms into other characters for them, some of the moves are exclusive to Double: several moves that didn’t make the cut on the original character made it into Double.

Source: Gametrailers TV, Gametrailers