Cross Assault: Introducing Team Tekken

By on February 16, 2012 at 12:21 pm

Capcom’s Cross Assault reality show starts in just under a week.  Yesterday I took a good hard look at the contestants from Team Street Fighter.  Today it’s Team Tekken’s turn.  Let’s do this!


What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

Let’s get this out of the way:  Bronson is the #1 tournament player in the field, with multiple national Tekken championships.  That’s in the video, but Bronson’s video is boring as fuck and most of you probably didn’t get that far.  So it bears repeating.  Now what else?

Bronson more or less grew up in the arcade of Sunnyvale Golfland, surrounded by some of the best players in the U.S. during the pre-Street Fighter IV era.  He’s played basically everything, 2d and 3d, including of Marvel and a ton of Capcom vs. SNK 2.  So he knows his way around 2D fighters, and Street Fighter is in his blood.

So yeah…he’s basically a machine from the future, custom built to win Cross Assault and sent back in time to win $25,000.

To Win, Bronson Must…

  • Not underestimate Team Street Fighter.  Their resumes may not be as glossy, but Team Street Fighter has its share of strong players who have been living and breathing Street Fighter IV for the past 3 years.
  • Stay focused.  The winner of Cross Assault will be the player who can master Street Fighter X Tekken quickly, not necessarily the best overall fighting game player.



What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

Not much.  The video really says it all.  Kor is a the reigning Evo 2011 Tekken 6 champion.  Next to Bronson, that gives him the best tournament resume in the field.  The obvious question is, how much of Kor’s success will be transferable to Street Fighter X Tekken?

To Win, Kor Must…

  • Stick to his roots.  There’s not enough time to master pure Street Fighter fundamentals.  Who needs fireballs and jumps anyway? Pick the most Tekkenish players in the Tekken cast and Tekken the heck out of them.  Abuse every Tekken-like and un-Street-Fighter-like mechanic in the game to the fullest extent.
  • Intimidate.  There’s no  chance of Kor getting nervous of flustered in Cross Assault.  You can’t say the same for all the other contestants.  Use those piercing baby blues Kor.


Super Yan

What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

Super Yan is being modest in her audition video.  She has a fighting resume that most players would envy.  She trained in part at Keystone II along side Nor Cal legends like John Choi and Ricky Ortiz, so she has seen a ton of Street Fighter played at the highest level.  She is a die-hard competitor and knows all the inside tricks of tournament play (like when to sandbag).

To Win, Super Yan Must…

  • Play the meta-game.  Super Yan is super-comfortable with both Street Fighter and Tekken.  She knows how both games work and how the players think.  This gives her the opportunity to change up her play-style to exploit holes in her opponents’ thought process.  Street Fighter players aren’t used to high-low attack strings.  Tekken players have less exposure to crossups.  You get the idea.



What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

In his video 200yen says that he likes to “win easily” meaning rely on cheap tricks and strong attack patterns instead of strong fundamental play.  For a brand new game with lots of new game systems, he’s actually 100% on the money.  200yen has the right attitude to make this plan work.  Most players want to be respected as a strong player and liked by their peers.  200yen will take a win with no respect over a loss.

To Win, 200yen Must…

  • Stick to the plan.
  • Beat the scouting reports.  200yen, your secret is out.  If you show a trick or mixup, expect the other team to exhaustively test it in training mode.


Tasty Steve

What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

Steve is a wildcard.  Being from the midwest, he doesn’t have nearly the exposure as the other contestants on Cross Assault.  Like most other Team Tekken members, Tasty Steve has 2D fighting experience, but not just any experience.  Steve plays Guilty Gear, arguably the most complicated 2D fighter ever, and he mains Zappa, a highly technical character with three different fighting stances.  Oh yeah, Zappa’s key play mechanic is to power up to a mega-unfair-super-character then kill you before the power-up timer expires.  Sound familiar?

To Win, Tasty Steve Must…

  • Master Street Fighter X Tekken’s new systems.  Steve is comfortable juggling Guilty Gear’s many intricate gameplay systems in his head.  If he can do the same for Street Fighter X Tekken, he should have a technology advantage over most of his opponents.
  • Gamble on Pandora.  As a Zappa player, Steve knows how to exploit Pandora-like powerups.  This is a huge gamble, but the field of players is strong so it’s probably worth the risk.
That’s it for Team Tekken.  Tomorrow I’ll do a little handicapping, and make some predictions on who’s walking away with $25,000.