Cross Assault: Introducing Team Street Fighter

By on February 15, 2012 at 2:56 pm

Today Iplaywinner announced the Cross Assault contestants who will compete for Team Street Fighter and Team Tekken!  Cross Assault is a web reality show that airs starting February 22nd.  The winner takes home a cool $25,000.  The roster is a pretty interesting mix of familiar and lesser known faces.  In this post I take a closer look at the five players who make up Team Street Fighter.  Tomorrow we’ll take a look at Team Tekken!

Dr. Sub-Zero

What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

Dr. Sub-Zero, aka Rockefeller, has years of hardcore tournament experience in the So. Cal Third Strike ranbats that took place in the mid 2000’s.  That was a long time ago, but then again the pre-SF4 tournament scene was a lot more ruthless than it is today.  He is a serious tournament player who knows what it takes to win.  He’s also batshit crazy.

To Win, Dr. Sub Zero Must…

  • Shake off the rust.
  • Play with solid fundamentals.  As a 3rd Strike player, Dr. Sub Zero should have the edge in footsies and positioning on the ground.  Maximize that advantage, and don’t get overly distracted by Street Fighter X Tekken’s bevy of new gameplay systems.


What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

SherryJenix is not gimmick or “girl-player.”  She’s a legit player who can burn you if you take her for granted.  If you haven’t already, watch the audition video.  She displays good spacing, defense, and match awareness.  Sherry doesn’t place at tournaments, but she’s playing in L.A., undoubtedly the toughest part of the U.S. for Street Fighter 4.  That said, she’s definitely a new and learning player, who is up against a lot of more seasoned competitors.  In her favor, Sherry plays Viper; she’s not afraid of execution-heavy characters.

To Win, SherryJenix Must…

  • Learn fast.  Unless Ono has a trick up his sleeve, Sherry’s main character is not in Street Fighter X Tekken.  This means she has to learn not one, but two new characters with not a lot of time to train.
  • Go unconventional.  A brand new game is fertile ground for tricks, setups, and mismatches.  Picking new and unconventional characters (Poison?  Rolento?), can level the playing field between SherryJenix and the more experienced players on the show.

TS NerdJosh

What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

TS NerdJosh is an innovator.  Picking up new gameplay systems is like breathing to him, and he likes to experiment.  In MvC3 vanilla he mained a team with Arthur and played with a lot of different team compositions.  This is potentially a huge advantage for him going into a game with all kinds of new toys to play with.

To Win, TS NerdJosh Must…

  • Hit the lab hard and exploit the new gameplay systems.  NerdJosh is a very strong tournament player, but there are other strong players as well.  A technology advantage would serve him well.
  • Stay level-headed.  On paper NerdJosh is a strong favorite.  He has the most impressive tournament roster on Team Street Fighter, and Street Figher X Tekken plays more like a Street Fighter than a Tekken game.  But there are some gunners on Team Tekken, who have more Street Fighter experience than you might think.


What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

Renic is most known for his Third Strike Alex play, but he has been learning Street Fighter IV as well.  Check out his Growing the Beast series on Youtube, which chronicles his process of learning the game.   Like Dr. Sub Zero, his old-school 3rd Strike tournament experience gives him a veteran’s perspective on competitive play.

To Win, Renic Must…

  • Pick a grappler and make it work.  Renic is most comfortable with grappling characters.  So far we’ve seen a whole lot of flashy chains and juggles out of Street Fighter X Tekken.  If the grappling game is strong as well, it gives Renic a chance to level the playing field against his more experienced competitors.
  • Stop whoring low tier.  Renic, I know you like grapplers, but Hakan?  Really?

TFA|RZR Hornet

What the Audition Video Doesn’t Tell You

TFA|RZR Hornet  is an online warrior.  He plays mostly online and plays on a pad.  Think of him as a mini Wolfkrone.  From his audition video, you can see he has a great grasp of Street Fighter IV, and plays with confidence even against tough opponents.  Unfortunately, like SherryJenix, he mains a character that is not in Street Fighter X Tekken.

To Win, TFA Hornet Must…

  • Listen to his coach. If  Hornet has a weakness, it’s his in-person tournament experience.  Playing offline with your opponent sitting right next to you is an entirely different beast.  The good news is that no one has more high-pressure tournament experience than Uncle Valle.  Valle can be a valuable asset on coaching the mental and emotional aspects of the game.
That’s it for Team Street Fighter!  Tomorrow we’ll take a close look at Team Tekken, then make some predictions on the favorites, dark-horses, and wild-cards for Cross Assault!