Dead Or Alive 5 Demo Control Scheme Hints at Gameplay Changes

By on February 10, 2012 at 6:58 am

FreeStepDodge has just found a photo showing the control scheme for the upcoming demo of Dead Or Alive 5 (packaged with Ninga Gaiden 3). What’s interesting is that the control scheme  hints at some of the gameplay changes that we can expect to see in Team NINJA’s upcoming fighter.

Mr. Wah of FSD has noted the ff. interesting things based on the control scheme.

  • The “Power Blow” button does not give a macro’d button notation. It is still unconfirmed whether it is a button by itself or some macro command like :F+P+K:.
  • The advanced holds are confirmed to be mid punch and mid kick only. So could this mean that the Izuna Otoshi defensive hold has been nerfed to only occur in one of the five different holds instead of three of the four?
  • The free step dodge (sidestep) has been confirmed to be using similar notation to the recently released Soul Calibur V – :8::8: / :2::2:
Original photo from @inspchin, notes from FreeStepDodge.

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