French Bread Adds Two Characters to Under Night In-Birth Website

By on February 5, 2012 at 7:15 pm

French Bread recently added two more character profiles to the website for their upcoming fighter Under Night In-Birth. Seth and Yuzuriha both sport interesting character designs, and we’ve included translations for their bios as well.

A mysterious youth of unknown origin. He is referred to by those who know of him as “The Assassin”. It seems he was operating on orders from an unknown source, however, on hearing Linne’s name mentioned,  his usually blank face darkened and he has since been wandering the night hoping to find Linne, disregarding his past orders.

A rowdy young girl who comes from a family of guardians, who had in the past been assigned to protect the land. She now roams the night with a sword as long as she is tall, simply looking for entertainment.

With these two developments, only one more character remains until the entire cast is revealed.

Source: Under Night In-Birth via Cam Strother’s translation, tip via Lord Destrucity