UMVC3 – Easy Plink Dashes

By on February 2, 2012 at 6:50 am

 has posted this video which goes over a small  tip that makes plink dashing in UMVC3 a whole lot easier. Instead of plinking his actual attack buttons, he plinks H into a button set for L+M+H at the same time. As a result, the plink dash becomes a whole lot more reliable.


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  • ProzacStylings

    This is blatantly untrue.

    1) Plink Dashing in Marvel is always faster than Wavedashing, or As Fast at worst. Period. Plink Dashing has 1 frame of not-dashing, wave dashing only has 1 frame of not-dashing when perfectly executed(Which is exceedingly rare and more difficult than plinking), and usually has more.

    2) You’re only blocking when you’re not dashing, when you wavedash backwards. AKA, you’re not blocking, pretty much at all, unless you’re doing very bad wavedashes. You’re still massively vulnerable 99% of the time. Plinking can also option select throw-techs whereas wave-dashing cannot. Plinking is comparatively safer than wavedashing.

    Plink Dashing is better in every way but execution requirement. Wave Dashing is just easier.

    • Patrick M

      Why would you reply to a comment that’s over a year old .___.

      And yeah plink dashing is superior for sure, but wavedashing isn’t terrible. I block on reaction with it all the time.

      • ProzacStylings

        Yipes said Schmidt was rocking dat 1 Button Plinkdash while FRXVI commentating; and looking up wtf he was talking about led me to this silly article where I saw that silliness and figured I’d make sure nobody else was thinking it/believing it, etc.

        If you crouch to block on reaction to things while wavedashing, that’s great; but you can do that while plinkdashing too. Neither form of movement is safe, in the slightest, in any kind of “passively blocking” nature. Wavedashing definitely isn’t terrible; most of the time, I do it myself. But plink dashing is superior in every way but execution, even if only by a small margin.

        • Patrick M

          I’m ass at plinking fast. The speed I get wavedashing on a hitbox is a nobrainer, you can learn it in a minute. Trying to get the same speed while plinking is much harder, and I plan on working on it soon.