Wakeup, Shoryuken E087 – Steve H Returns

By on February 1, 2012 at 7:43 am

You asked, we listened. Steve H, the most popular Wakeup SRK guest of all time, returns to the show today to talk about his brand new event, his cosplaying past, and why he hates just about everything created after 2002. He has some choice words for Ono and Niitsuma, as well. Don’t miss a moment, and be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 6:30PM PST as Wakeup SRK becomes Wakeup SRK Live.


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Timestamps by ZReport

00:00:00 – Shoryuken! Guest intro by Nick Accristo
00:00:42 – Keits & Skisonic Opener: Keits is Back! Moving all done to the Windy City
00:01:38 – DMG: Juicebox Abel & OMG Itz Andre Added to Their Roster
00:04:22 – EVO2012: “Road to EVO Pitstops” Announced (FR15 NCR10, UFGT8, CEO2012)
00:05:58 – Curleh Mustache: Tournament Over; TeamSp00ky Videos Up on YouTube
00:06:26 – Morrigan: Clone Hyper, Fireball Shenanigans Discussed
00:08:12 – SFxT: Pac Man & BBA Megaman Introduced (Both are Auto-Banned in Tournaments)
00:09:23 – UltraChen TV Announced and Started Underway (Monday & Tuesday Nights)
00:09:55 – Wakeup SRK Going Live! (Tuesdays Nights, before UltraChen TV)
00:11:56 – Back by Popular Demand; He Holds Downback to Everything! It’s Steve H!
00:13:00 – Skisonic Reminisces E043, and Gets Spooked
00:14:14 – Dave & Busters Tournament Discussed (Feb 11; Wheaton, Maryland)
00:17:19 – Steve H Discusses His Plans to Get Arcade Cabinets at his D&B Location
00:18:33 – Differences Between D&B and Smaller Arcades Discussed
00:20:05 – D&B Excitement Explained; The Connection Between the FGC & D&B
00:22:08 – Steve H Reminisces Wanting to Work at D&B, His Childhood
00:25:43 – Supporting the Scene/Majors/Regionals Discussion
00:28:08 – “Ski is so Knuckles”
00:28:25 – D&B Tournament: Will be broadcast on WPGC 95.5 (Hip-Hop Radio Station)
00:28:54 – Keits’ Advice to TOs Wanting EVO Season Coverage
00:29:18 – Karnov Discussion (Dude is Huge, Don’t Listen to Keits)
00:30:07 – CVS2: Storytime with Steve H
00:30:47 – When He Saw Justin Wong in a Tips and Tricks Magazine
00:31:22 – When He Started at MAGfest (Music and Gaming Festival)
00:32:42 – “You’re the Most Annoying Guy in the World” – Steve H v JWong Rivalry Begins
00:33:55 – From Cosplay Scrub, to Nationally Known, to Beating JWong
00:34:48 – Wakeup SRK E043 Runback (Watch It!)
00:35:04 – Steve H Win a Legitimate Win?
00:35:48 – Buktooth, the King of CVS2 – Steve H Wrecked at EVO2007
00:36:17 – Runback vs Buktooth at Final Round XI, Loses Again Overall
00:36:36 – Hyperbolic to Beating JWong Again, to Buktooth at SB3
00:37:53 – MAGFest Reminiscence – Steve H Gives Up the Terry Bogard Cap
00:38:27 – Steve H Finally Defeated Buktooth at Season’s Beatings 3
00:38:54 – “CVS2: Greatest Game… in the World”
00:39:09 – “He [Ono] is Not a Good Producer…” / SFxT Gem Hate
00:39:42 – Steve H’s Insight on “Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches”
00:41:25 – Steve H & [Ultimate] Marvel vs Capcom 3 (He Hates It)
00:42:22 – Steve’s Belief on How Current Fighting Games are Just Money Makers
00:43:42 – Assorted Skisonic Excuses and PJSalt vs Level 3 X-Factor
00:44:22 – Insight on Soul Calibur V — “I Don’t Like It”
00:45:25 – Shoutouts / Final Call on Dat Dave & Busters Tournament
00:46:41 – Steve H OUT
00:47:10 – Keits Reconsiders Those Crazy Cosplay Players
00:48:11 – Cross Assault: Skisonic Will be Working With Steve H on His Video
00:48:21 – Taking Comments
00:48:25 – Tom Cannon’s Ideals on Banning Gems; Keits’ Reply
00:49:35 – Skisonic’s Hopeful Options for Gem Play in Tournaments
00:50:41 – “CJ Seems Like a Cool Dude, Hopes He Keeps Repping Dorm”
00:51:09 – “Love CJ; Fellow Pad Player and Cool Guy”
00:51:19 – “If it Works, Keep Doing It, if it Doesn’t Find Something Else”
00:51:42 – Bringing KOFXIII Back On, SCV for EVO Season
00:53:19 – Dat Skisonic Motto
00:53:45 – KO! – Out