SDTekken Interviews Top Soul Calibur Player Akire

By on January 31, 2012 at 11:56 pm

SDTekken posted an interview with one of France’s best Soul Calibur players – Akire. For those who aren’t familiar with the game’s community, the French are seen as some of the best Soul Calibur players in the world and Akire is one of the best French players. In this interview by Di from SDTekken, Akire talks about Soul Calibur V and the changes the new game brings to his character of choice – Mitsurugi. Here’s a small excerpt from it.

Di: What are the most important changed from SCIV to SCV?

Akire: According to me, the most important changed is the Critical Gauge. The CG management will be the key in some match-ups. A game plan can change radically because of the Critical Gauge. For exemple, after 3[B] of Siegfried, Patroklos has to make a choice to take priority. However, if he does his CE, Siegfried can’t do anything. He is punished no matter what he does. But CG system goes further with the GI. GI now use CG. So, if your opponent depends too much on BE for exmple, you can abuse GI to force him to use his CG. As you can imagine, there are tons of possibilities and it’s really different than in SCIV. There is also another important change, Just Guard. However, I don’t know how good or difficult it is, so I can’t talk about that.

Di: Why did you choose to play Mitsurugi? How should he be played in SCV when compared to previous games?

Akire: I’ve been playing Mitsurugi ever since I started playing Soullalibur. The reason is simple – he’s a samurai, lol. However, it appears that the character suits my style because I’m a rusher. But this was true on SCIV because in SCV Mitsurugi is really different. His 2K,B is now unsafe on hit, Relic is gone, Mist 6B,B is gone and 33B,B is back. All Relic transition disappeared, like 11K. Mist looks like it’s not really effective as a simple stance. I only use it for combos. So the character is like a new one, completely different than any other Mitsurugi. He is a simple character now, more like Xianghua. You have to control the distance, the space, whiff punish perfectly and play on priorities. He have to stay a good distance – not too close, not to far. However, with his 2K,B Brave Edge, he can attack easily and can be played like an Amy in Soulcalibur IV. So I think the character has many efficient game plans that are the mark of a good character. Because of this I think he will be good.

You can read the rest of the interview over at SDTekken.

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