RZR|Latif on What Makes a Good Player, Says Viper is not a Street Fighter Character

By on January 31, 2012 at 9:57 am

On the December 14th edition of Wednesday Night Fights, Latif announced that he signed a sponsorship deal with Razer. In a recent interview with his sponsor, RZR|Latif talks about his fighting game background, gaming on a student Visa, and what it takes to play Street Fighter IV at a high level.

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

The ability to guess what your opponent is doing, Latif refers to as “mindset” and it’s something he often talks about. “Mindset is basically how your opponent is thinking: How does he approach the game? What is he trying to do?” said Latif “If I play a new opponent probably the first round I wouldn’t test all my skills on him but I would probably test him out.” How to test someone? “I would look for patterns, by pulling off some moves and watching how he responds. I can know his style of play after the first round, and I know which strategies I can use on him again. So a beginner might take round one off him but after that he has no chance? “Even if a beginner does take a round off me I will already know how he plays which makes it very difficult for him to win a second round.

So what’s stopping other professional players from memorizing how he himself plays? “At a high level of play everyone can adapt really quickly, if one style of play isn’t working you can just change it up. That’s the difference between a pro player and a high level player.

When asked why Latif uses C.Viper, he replied with the following:

“Apart from the fact she’s hot? Mainly because C.Viper reminded me of Guilty Gear characters and she’s different from the other Street Fighter cast,” said Latif. “She has a lot of combos, she’s more freestyle, and she’s a heavy execution character meaning she’s not a one-day character you can pick up. Also it takes dedication to play her you cannot switch to another character. She is actually not a Street Fighter character. Street Fighter characters are all slow and throw fireballs, they’re all the same but C.Viper was different, and I liked that, that’s why I picked her up and I don’t plan to change.”

Be sure to read the entire interview over at the official Razer website.

Source: Razerzone, image from Karaface

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