Rumor: Street Fighter x Tekken DLC Leaked – Adds Christie, Leo, Cody, and Guy

By on January 31, 2012 at 3:37 pm

ScrewAttack posted a supposedly leaked list of DLC for Street Fighter x Tekken. Most of it isn’t surprising. It includes Gems, free customization colors, and cross dressing costumes. The most revealing DLC is the New Challengers Pack which apparently adds Christie, Leo, Cody and Guy to the roster. The leaked list also mentions unlocks for Akuma and Ogre, two characters that haven’t been officially announced yet (although they’ve been teased). The DLC adds up to about $30, which is pretty crazy. Some may even say that Capcom (puts on shades) has crossed the line.

  • Boost Gem Pack 1 – $2.99, Includes 9 new gems to equip to your characters.
  • Boost Gem Pack 2 – $2.99, Includes 9 new gems to equip to your characters.
  • Color Edit Pack 1 – FREE, Includes 4 new colors to use in the Color Edit mode.
  • Costume Swap S Pack – $9.99, Includes a new costume for each of the Street Fighter characters, based on a Tekken character.
  • Costume Swap T Pack – $9.99, Includes a new costume for each of the Tekken characters, based on a Street Fighter character.
  • Costume Swap X Pack – $15.99, A combination of the S Pack and T Pack – Includes new costumes for each character, based on characters from the opposite series.
  • New Challengers Pack – $7.99, Adds 4 new characters to the game: Cody, Guy, Christie and Leo.
  • X Unlocker – $4.99, Unlocks two secret characters, Akuma and Ogre, as well as all additional character colors and special modes without having to perform the in-game tasks to unlock them.

Source: ScrewAttack

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