Soul Calibur V: Leaked Images Reveal Kilik, Elysium, and “Omega” Pyrrha

By on January 18, 2012 at 12:38 pm

Update – Confirmed

It looks like the last three characters in Soul Calibur V might have been revealed. Two images were posted on NeoGAF of what appears to be the final character select screen. The only characters missing are Algol and Dampierre. It was just the other day when alpha Patroklos (who uses Setsuka’s moveset) was leaked on YouTube. The slot right next to him houses a female character named Elysium. You probably noticed her angelic presence in the latest trailer for the game. On the opposite side of the screen, there’s Kilik (who appears to be equipped with his trusty Kali-Yuga) and another version of Pyrrha. There are no images showing her name yet, but the general consensus is that she might be called omega Pyrrha.

So what exactly does this mean? Your guess is as good as ours. These characters could be mimics much like Edge Master or maybe they’ll just use fighting styles for characters that didn’t make it into the game. It’s also possible that these screenshots are very well made fakes, but that doesn’t seem likely.

Here are some details from the person who posted the screenshots:

You get Alpha Patroklos, Edge Master, Elysium and Omega Pyrrha after completing the story mode.

Elysium looks like Sophitia (she is NOT Sophitia though) but she can use any style (like Edge master).

After that Legendary Souls mode is unlocked.

The first fight in LS is with Kilik, after victory he is unlocked.

Omega Pyrrha has the same movelist as the ordinary one but uses Soul Edge.

Alpha Patroklos = Setsuka.

Kilik can use any style like Edge master.

There are still two slots left. I believe one is for Dampierre and the second is for Algol (or other all-style character).

Create a character screen has more locked slots for styles than the arcade select screen.

Two more locked slots (where Ezio and random question sign are in the arcade).

One is obviously for Ezio and the second one may be a surprise.

Devil Jin is in the left corner, so it’s not for him.

Source: NeoGAF

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