Apex 2012 Stats for MK9 and UMVC3 by Get Your Tournament

By on January 12, 2012 at 6:14 pm

Get Your Tournament released some stats for the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat tournaments at Apex 2012. For UMVC3, the stats are based on the top 10 and cover how many games each player won during finals, how often their point character and assists survived, and the average time of each game. For MK9, GYT goes over how many times a player got a first hit, the amount of times a player wins after landing the first hit, how many breakers were used, and so on.

The Mortal Kombat stats are quite fascinating, especially since it hasn’t been done often. If you’re not familiar with MK9’s meter mechanics, the player who lands the first hit at the start of a round will automatically get a second bar of meter. According to GYT, CD Jr won every round after receiving the first hit bonus (8 first hit wins, 8 rounds played). He also won every round after landing the first combo of a match (11 first combo wins, 11 rounds played). CD Jr. played a total of 14 rounds during the top 4 to win the tournament, which makes these stats even more impressive.

You can see all the totals for each category for both UMVC3 and MK9 over at Get Your Tournament.

Source: GYT

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