Infiltration, Laugh, F-Word, and Chocolo Added to Western Wolves’ Fighting Game Division

By on January 10, 2012 at 4:43 pm

A new competitive gaming organization named Western Wolves was founded earlier this year by members of Dutch sponsor Low Land Lions in order to widen their area of influence as well as give their players a bit more freedom in their professional choices. Heading the fighting game division is none other than the talented Ryan Hart, with recent acquisitions Laugh and Infiltration from Korea filling out the roster along with F-Word from the UK and Chocolo from Spain. This young team is full of exceptional players, and it should be exciting to see how they compete in the global arena in the coming year.

Update: Here’s the official announcement Hart made at WinnerStaysOn. Thanks to James Forrester Bardolph for the tip.

Source: Western Wolves, image via Low Land Lions