Wakeup, Shoryuken E084 – The Rent is too Damn High, Announcement of an Announcement

By on December 29, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Today’s daily cup has a very special announcement… of an announcement! Tune in to find out exactly what is going on and what kind of exciting news you can expect to hear about on Tuesday, January 3rd. After that, skisonic and I discuss the topic of tournament entry fees. Is $10 still the magic number, or are $20 tournament fees the future for our major events? We try to figure out the answer ourselves, but it only leads to even more confusion. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic as well, so feel free to leave us a comment explaining your position.


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Timestamps by ZReport

00:00 – Shoryuken! Guest intro by Nick Accristo
0:39 – Soul Calibur V Hidden Character Announcement/Create-A-Character Mode Information
1:32 – Tekken Producer: Katsuhiro Harada/More Soul Calibur V Annoucements
3:52 – Street Fighter x Tekken: Asuka Announced
4:17 – EVO Announcement: Special SRK/EVO show on Jan. 3rd w/ Mr. Wizard
6:18 – eLive PRO’s Kim1234 at The BOX Arena
6:59 – DaRabidDuckie’s Injury/SRK Donation Drive
9:05 – Keits’ Dilemma: Tournament [Major] Entry Fee Discussion
18:15 – Travelling, Food & Tournament
19:28 – Tournament Entry Fee Discussion (cont.)
27:30 – Taking Comments
28:07 – UMvC3: Zero is Top Tier?
29:04 – “If Justin Wong played Zero…”
30:35 – Salty Zero Runback Discussion
33:50 – Unknown and that unknown Phoenix Bandwagon starts
35:35 – Zero’s Alpha Counter Technology/Zero Match Up Discussion
40:56 – “Love the Show”
42:00 – Dat Skisonic Motto
42:46 KO! – Out